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Joseph Messina
2 months ago
Quick and easy. My tire blew out, The guys called me to let me know my specific tire was discontinued. They gave me a couple of tire replacement options and were truthful in their options. I have a decent knowledge of cars and what to expect and I liked what they had to say.
David Tanner
2 months ago
The service was lightning fast and no waiting. Fastest tire service ever in my 69 years. Was very impressed.
John Manfra
5 months ago
Great place. Great service.
Iris Cerezo
6 months ago
I am blessed that Dave's tire "gentleman" helped me in my distress. I was on my way home on 287 got a flat took the next exit and with the faith of God and staying calm and asking kindly this gentleman @ Dave's change tire to my spare. He did an act of kindness that I will always remember. Thank you for getting me back on the road and home safe.
onpoint 11
6 months ago
I'm pretty OCD about my tires... if I don't like them or they're unbalanced, life is out of balance! I've found my tire and wheel gurus! They know what they're doing. From torquing lugnuts to factory spec to hiding weights in high end wheels and bringing everything into perfect balance, my vehicles always leave more sure-footed and buttery-smooth than before. Thank you!!
Deborah Ives
8 months ago
This month we had a sudden blow-out of a tire on our RV travel trailer. We were leaving the very next morning for our family camping trip! Our RV service dealer, Will, recommended that we call Dave's Tires for help. It was 4:30 pm. on a Friday afternoon and Kristin said they would help us out if I could get the tire there right away. She was wonderful, both on the phone and in person when I arrived. John put a new tire on quickly and professionally. What a great place and fantastic people! I will return there for my future tire needs for sure!
Mark Granata
9 months ago
Neil Allen
9 months ago
Friendly service and really knowledgeable group. Fast service on my Tesla. Highly recommend and won't be going anywhere else for tires for my vehicles.
Scott Herchick
9 months ago
Outstanding service and price. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable.
Chris Flammer
11 months ago
Dave's Tires is where I always get my tires. They are extremely knowledgeable about all brands and makes/ models of cars. They have great prices and top-notch work. Also, Dave is very involved in the community has been a Volunteer Firefighter for at least 40 years.
Robert D
11 months ago
Tom Laidlaw
1 year ago
Very professional shop with very fair prices. I highly recommend it.
Nicole Musap
1 year ago
I called Dave's Tire at 4pm after I discovered a nail in my tire before going on a 13 hour drive!! They were very busy but they told me to come by anyway. They took the nail right out and filled out my tires with air. I am so grateful for them and really appreciated their time. There are still good people in the world and they are at Dave's Tire! Highly recommend.
Walter Prescott Richmond, Virginia
1 year ago

On May 23/24, we had a tire blowout and rear axle problems with our 5th wheel trailer. It was our good luck to be “stranded” in Montville, NJ. After calling several tire shops in the area and being told either could not get the new Goodyear tire or did not have the equipment to mount this tire, we called Dave’s Tire in Boonton. “Rich” could not have been a more helpful person! He had a brand new Goodyear tire for us and completely mounted it within the afternoon of our call. When we told him of the axle problem and being stranded in Montville, he went out of his way to make calls hoping to find someone who could repair our trailer. Talk about above and beyond service!! Getting the new tire was one thing but making so many calls to help us was certainly another. I certainly do not want more tire and axle problems. But if I ever do, I hope I can find another Rich to assist…what a guy!

Mike Hafley
1 year ago

Great group of guys, great prices and great customer service. Highly recommend. I’ll definitely be back

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